Press Articles


  • “Elf acts die je niet mag missen op een begraafplaats in je buurt”, Indiestyle, 30/10/2017, see link
  • ROB-TV reportage Reveil Leuven 2017


  • “DJ Eddy op pensioen… MET EEN FEESTJE!”, Article in, 02/05/2016, see link
  • Video “No Matter What” now on the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter showcase here.
  • “Reveil brengt muzikale hulde op Allerheiligen”,Article in, Nov 02 2016, see link
  • ROB-TV reportage Reveil Leuven 2016


  • “Tussen Bierbeek en San Diego”, Interview in Rondom Leuven (Nieuwsblad)- Liesbeth Verhulst, Feb. 2015, see link
  • “Singer-songwriter Corner XL”, Article in Rondom Aarschot (Nieuwsblad),  Jun. 2015, see link
  • “Zomerse Parkdagen aan de Oude Abdij”, Nieuwsblad, Liesbeth Verhulst, 10/7/2015, see link
  • “Ambiance op vierde éditie éCouter”, Leven in Leuven, Aug. 19th 2015, “Carl Durant & The Lost Kings verdreven met hun prachtige nummers de laatste regenwolken.”


  • “Familiehappening op dorpsplein Egenhoven”, Nieuwsblad, 18/6/2014, Ann Peeters, see link
  • “Leuvense singer-songwriter vervolledigt affiche Club 9 live”, Het Belang van Limburg, 9/9/2014, see link
  • “What makes this show particularly interesting is the appearance of Durant, a Belgian artist. A former San Diegan and regular on the coffeehouse circuit, Durant has a sizeable following in town.”- Bart Mendoza,, Oct. 2014 – San Diego Community News Group – Live Music
  • “Carl Durant & The Lost Kings treden op in het Borrestaminee”, Nieuwsblad, 2/12/2014, see link


  • “Carl Durant is heading back to Belgium” – by Bart Mendoza, San Diego Reader, Apr. 2012 – Link
  • CD review: “Carl Durant captures an elusive, original sound on Last Place that will have listeners asking for more.” – by Frank Kocher, San Diego Troubadour, April 2013


  • “A bomb dropped at home” – by Jay Allen Sanford, San Diego Reader, Nov. 2012 – Link – About the song written after the bus crash in Sierre.
  • “Carl Durant Lied about the CDs” – Musician Interview in San Diego Reader, Feb. 2012 – Link
  • Musician profile on San Diego Reader Website – Link
  • “Milow entertaint Belgisch consulaat in Los Angeles” – HLN, Feb. 2012 – Link
    “Naast Milow zullen ook zesvoudige Grammywinnaar Daniel Ho, tweevoudige Grammywinnares en actrice Tia Carrere, Peggi Blu, Ted Perlman, Carl Durant en de populaire YouTube-meidengroep Cimorelli van de partij zijn”


  • CD Review: “Durant is a solid songwriter, with a lot of potential – dreamy pop opener “Come Closer” reminds of the Dream Academy and such, sweeping tones, breathy vocals, chiming guitars and build up, while the follow up, “Appropriate,” has a bluesy rock feel with a Peter Murphy-esque vocal delivery and a nice hook.” – by Bart Mendoza, San Diego Troubadour, October 2011
  • “Carl Durant in that groove place” – by Ken Lehnig and David Dodds – San Diego – Link – Interview about Carl’s songwriting
  • “Highlights include bluesy folk rockers The Tilt, a solo set from Get Back Loretta front man Kevin Martin and singer-songwriter Carl Durant. The latter, originally from Belgium, has particularly taken the local music scene by storm, part of a growing pool of international talent now calling San Diego home. [blurb on “Local Brews Local Grooves: Friday, Oct. 21 at The House of Blues”]” – by Bart Mendoza,, Oct. 7th 2012


  • Musician interview – by Kathrine Bryan, May 2010 – Link


Press Releases


4/8/2011: CD Last Place released for full house at Lestat’s West on 4/8/2011


11/2/2012: Belgian singer-songwriter releases video honoring Sierre bus crash victims

11/2/2012: In Memoriam muziek video voor busramp Sierre


26/06/2015: Singer-songwriter Carl Durant neemt afscheid van Californië in nieuwe single “Fires and Earthquakes”


17/02/2016: Debuut muziek video Bierbeekse singer-songwriter Carl Durant (Radio 2) – clip Frank Telli – choreografie Aike Raes