2010 DiskPrint_Appropriate_2_2009_cropped Appropriate (Digital Single)
Airplay on Radio Sophie, KPRI, Rock105.3FM and 91x
2011 LastPlace_Front Last Place (EP) – available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer

  1. Come Closer
  2. Appropriate
  3. Losing Time
  4. Teenage Dream
  5. Last Place
2012 SecretRelease Secret (Digital Single)
Airplay on KPRI(included on Limited Edition of Last Place)
2012 RideHome (Not Our) Ride Home (Single)
In memoriam of the young lives lost in Sierre(included on Limited Edition of Last Place)
2013 LastPlace_LimEd12_backtray Limited Edition of Last Place
Available in physical format only (at shows)

Includes Secret and (Not Our) Ride Home.


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2015  CarlDurant_FandE_1200pxQ60 Fires and Earthquakes (Digital single) – on iTunes, Spotify, DeezerRadio airplay in local stations in UK, Canada, Austria, Luxemburg (ARA), USA (Hawaii, California, …), Scotland, Australia
2015  LiveCafeBazart_online_square Live in BazArtCafé (Digital Release on Bandcamp)

  1. Saturday Night
  2. Last Place (2015)
  3. Secret
  4. Appropriate (2015)
  5. BONUS: Fires and Earthquakes

Exclusive physical release also includes “No Matter What” (only available at shows, limited ed. of 50)

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