Lyrics for “(Not Our) Ride Home”

(Not our) Ride Home

Mom, where did my sister go?
Dad, does our baby brother know?

Who turned out the light
last night when I fell asleep ?
Who are all those people here
They’re drying their eyes…

… and holding you tight ?

In my dream she was standing here
She smiled then she told me this:

“We thought we were going home
A long week with lots of fun
But I missed my family
why didn’t I see

This was not our ride home?
It was a chariot
to take me away from you
I didn’t want to …”

“Mom, who’ll give you the cuckoo clock
the one that I saved up for?
It’s still in my bag… “

“And who’ll hold my teddy bear ….
the way only I could do,
only I could do? “

(C)2012 – Carl Durant