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“A talented engineer ” – dixit Michael Laskow of Taxi

Last Monday, the San Diego Songwriters Guild organized a Skype meeting with Taxi founder,  president&CEO Michael Laskow. “Taxi” is a company that creates an online forum to submit music for consideration to be used in TV series&films,  “pitch” it to recording artists or to try and get a record deal. After some interesting remarks and general guidelines about how to be successful in this business, Michael went on to listen to songs submitted by about a dozen local songwriters from San Diego.
He’s a great guy and has extensive experience in music production and recording. And of course, in music placement. So he was able to give a lot of feedback that was useful for everyone, even those who didn’t submit.

I sent in my track “Losing Time”, since it was already used in a couple of short films and I wanted to find out if that had just been blind luck or if Michael Laskow would also like it.

Guess what? He DID ! Michael’s first reaction (after opening his eyes again): “It’s really pretty ! It puts me in this … well… relaxed mood. I guess that’s what you were after.” And then he went on to say “it’s a nice aural landscape that you created.” After confirming that I engineered it myself he read from his notes: “talented engineer. That’s what I wrote down.”

So that was my start of the week. One of the biggest names in unsigned-artist music placement called me a talented engineer. And confirmed my music has exactly the intended impact on him.
Not too shabby !

Now off to more music creation !

And here’s the track Michael Laskow reviewed: