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Airplay in San Diego – and more


Thanks to  Cathryn Beeks, host of the Listen Local Show in San Diego for giving “Fires and Earthquakes” a spin ! The show airs on 89.1FM in San Diego County and can be listened to online at

Cathryn was one of the first supporters of my (passion for playing live) music and I’m really happy she likes the track!


There’s been interest from online and broadcast radio stations as far as New-Zealand and as close as Luxembourg. (But it’s not always easy to find out when it airs). So: if you hear my voice on the radio, let me know, wherever you are !

Click below to listen to the recording of the show, broadcast las Thursday 7/16…














Article in Rondom Leuven February 2015

2015_RondomLeuven_ArtikelTop 2015_RondomLeuven_ArtikelBtm


Met een beetje puzzelen krijg je het wel gelezen:). Met dank aan Liesbeth voor het leuke interview ! Ik heb het even over een onderaanbod van Open Mics in Leuven… Dus toch even dit: volgende Free Podia in Leuven ken ik momenteel: Sprekende Ezels, Het Depot en nu iets nieuw in JH Sojo, jam sessies met of zonder publiek om je stressy over te maken. Als je er andere kent, schrijf maar in de comments !

And if this sound like Chinese, well it isn’t, it’s Dutch. Paying gratitude to the San Diego  music scene. Wouldn’t be doing what I do without it !

CD reviews in San Diego Troubadour

Thanks to the San Diego Troubadour for publishing a kind review of my Limited Edition release of “Last Place” from 2012.  (Review by Frank Kocher)

And I didn’t post this on the website yet: also Bart Mendoza in his journalist-persona (click the link for his Wikipedia page: he’s truly multi-talented !)  wrote a nice review about my debut EP “Last Place” from 2011, hearing references to Dream Academy and Bauhaus’ front man Peter Murphy.