Video Thursday: No Matter What

– now over 12 000 views…

We’ll I can’t say I expected this. I was hoping to double the total views of about 5000 in my YouTube Channel. Thanks to sharing a lot more people saw it around the world. Now, you can always share more and please keep watching ! Thanks to: Frank Telli for the great organization of the shoot day, the wonderful photography and great and quick editing. Thanks to Aike Raes for a beautiful choreography and of course thanks to the great dancers! You all helped to create a beautiful video from the loose ideas and vision I had in my head.Dowloading on iTunes is still possible and is only $0.99 (or EUR): click here for download or stream on Spotify/Deezer.

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  • @Julieedv Omdat emotie altijd een betere drijfveer is om een maatschappij te gaan organiseren dan ratio? Of bedoelde je iets anders? 11 months ago