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Video Thursday – Staying local with Raelee Nikole

Yes, she might still be in high school but that doesn’t prevent her to dream big. Or sing wonderfully. Check out her cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Give me one Reason”. The guitar player on the original recording is Adam Levy. The same Adam Levy I opened a show for at Lestat’s in 2010. Great small world of music !

Video Thursday – Ed Sheeran in 2009 – “The City”

Ed Sheeran - The City (Live - June 6th 2009)
How things can change ! In this video of 2009, Ed Sheeran is playing at a friend’s house party. Now he’s selling out venues across the world ! If he can do this by working hard (like playing 300 shows in a year), others can too… Right, Josh? (No, this is not the highest quality recording, but this week it’s more about making a point)
Check out his hit single A-team right here.

So-Cal Showcase Live Video (Full set) – Winston’s 8/20/2012


Carl Durant at Winstons Beach Club (Full Set)


For those abroad or not able to make it to my shows, here’s a great live video recorded by Joseph Stevens, founder of So-Cal Showcase. This was my full set at Winston’s Ocean Beach on 8/20. Since this is a good introduction to my music, please share, comment, like, whatever so your friends also take a look !

So-Cal Showcase provides musical talent for many shows in South California and they have a weekly TV show focusing on one musical act that airs every Thursday on Time Warner Channel 19 at 830pm (San Diego only, but you can watch episodes online.) I had to cancel my appearance in it earlier this year, but hope to be on it soon enough !

Video Thursday – Josh Damigo “Portland” (Album “Hope”, released 8/14)

Josh Damigo - Portland
To promote his upcoming release, San Diego based singer-songwriter Josh Damigo pre-released each track of his album “Hope” on YouTube.

The 17-track album has a good balance of fully produced and raw acoustic songs. It was released this week (on 8/14/2012) and you can go buy it here on iTunes.

So far, my favorite song from the album is the acoustic “Portland”. This video is a live recording as part of the wonderful Songs From The Space project.

If you want to hear the album version with some sweet violin and cello: here is the YT link.

 Hope you like the song too !