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New show announced in Encinitas, CA at Cafe Ipe on September 9, 2012

Carl Durant has recently added the following shows.

.September 9 2012 – Encinitas, CA – Cafe Ipe
Address: 970 North Coast Hwy – Map
Time : 9:00 AM
All Ages

Other Info:

Every second sunday of the month, Carl Durant will play a relaxing acoustic solo set at Cafe Ipe, starting right after 9am till around 11am.

Come taste the fantastic locally roasted coffee and great pastries&cookies.

More great music will be coming after, so come on by and enjoy !

See Full Details

Vía Carl Durant Official News Feed

Video Thursday – Belgian artist Selah Sue (US CD launch)

Selah Sue - This World (Official Video)
Get ready to be amazed. She might live just a block away from my parents in Belgium, but she’s definitely world class. Oh yeah, she doesn’t have her looks against her either.


To many, this young singer’s self-titled debut record is reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, but with an added reggae swagger. I had a hard time picking one song, but I think “This World” is a great introduction to her mix of soul, reggae and “organic hip-hop”.

Here’s a link to the FREE iTunes single that was released this week in the US, together with her album. Help her get in the charts ! .


To close off: a link to a very intimate version of a sad but passionate song, “Summertime Bring me Joy

Video Thursday – Josh Damigo “Portland” (Album “Hope”, released 8/14)

Josh Damigo - Portland
To promote his upcoming release, San Diego based singer-songwriter Josh Damigo pre-released each track of his album “Hope” on YouTube.

The 17-track album has a good balance of fully produced and raw acoustic songs. It was released this week (on 8/14/2012) and you can go buy it here on iTunes.

So far, my favorite song from the album is the acoustic “Portland”. This video is a live recording as part of the wonderful Songs From The Space project.

If you want to hear the album version with some sweet violin and cello: here is the YT link.

 Hope you like the song too !

TuneCore founders kicked out

First of all:  here’s the link to the full story:

And to quote Peter Wells, one of the co-founders who got kicked out:

Jeff is the heart and soul of TuneCore, and frankly, its brains. No one knows this space like he does, especially when it comes to publishing. I said earlier that TuneCore was having astonishing success–it is, and that’s due to a lot of hard work from a lot of brilliant people (whom Jeff found and convinced to come on board). It’s also due to Jeff’s vision and leadership. Why on earth would Jeff be asked to leave? Why now, in the face of so many successes, and on the cusp of doing for publishing what he’d already proven he could do for distribution? It makes no sense.

Apparently, even success is not a guarantee to keep your job. Not even if you started the company. I’m personally touched by this news, since I’m looking into starting a tech-based company myself at some point and it does make you think twice (at least!) about bringing in Venture Capital…

In general, this is definitely a blow for entrepreneurs who look up to successful peers as Jeff&Peter…

Curious what’s the reason for all this… I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.


SDMA winner Josh Damigo releases “Hope” today

So my buddy Josh Damigo released his CD today on iTunes, Amazon, etc. I participated in his Kickstarter project and already enjoyed it for the past few weeks.I can tell you this: I like it a lot and it’s definitely worth your time to at least take a listen (he has a video for each song on this Facebook Event Page:)

Then go buy the CD here below. Let’s get this San Diego Music Award-winning songwriter in the charts ! And you know the saying: “Don’t delay, buy today” ! iTunes Link.

And this is the album cover

Buy now on iTunes or Amazon